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What is The Name of The Instrument Used in Water Quality Monitoring Hardness?
Date:2024-07-01 Browse: 9

The detection of water hardness is more complicated, but it is also a very important parameter. Because the water quality of India can intuitively distinguish between railway water and ground water, so as to judge the important basis for water sources. So what is the name of the instrument used in water quality monitoring hardness? Hangzhou Moody production of a called “water hardness online analyzer” is used to detect the hardness of water!

It is understood that in the past, the method of testing the hardness of water quality is to prepare a chrome black T kit ammonia buffer in advance, and titrate with EDTA reagent, and then calculate the hardness of the effluent by calculation. However, this method is not only cumbersome, but also because of too many kinds of predictive reagents, the measurement results will be very different from the actual existence!

However, the T8000-WH water hardness online analyzer produced by Moody Technology is an online analyzer developed based on China’s standard method, which is not only simple to operate, but also automatic (automatic operation, no personnel on duty, can achieve automatic zero, automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic cleaning, automatic maintenance, self-protection, automatic recovery and other intelligent functions). It is suitable for water softening monitoring, reverse osmosis system, filtration and mineral removal process control, widely used in pharmaceutical, steel and other industries. The working principle is that the pre-treated water sample is injected into a special reactor by an injection pump for pre-treatment of the water sample in the early stage. After the reaction, the water sample is detected by highly selective synthetic substances and special sensors with a linear relationship between the electrical signal and the hardness number of the water sample, and the hardness number of the water sample can be calculated according to the degree of electrical change.

In the continuous progress of science and technology, people’s requirements for all aspects are getting higher and higher, as a manufacturer, it will not be eliminated by the market!